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The Southend Ornithological Group (SOG) is an informal group of birders who watch and record birds from sites in the Southend area of Essex, England. Some areas of this website, such as record submission and the chat forum, are restricted to known SOG birders.

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Bird Headlines

Interesting birds seen in the last 5 days, most recent first. Amber indicates scarce, red indicates rare (Essex requires notes or a description).

SpeciesMax. CountLocationLast Reported
Pink-footed Goose2Bowers Marsh (RSPB)02/12/2020
White-fronted Goose4Bowers Marsh (RSPB)02/12/2020
Barnacle Goose7Bowers Marsh (RSPB)02/12/2020
Peregrine Falcon2Bowers Marsh (RSPB)02/12/2020
Cattle Egret2West Canvey Marsh (RSPB)01/12/2020
White-fronted Goose10South Fambridge01/12/2020
White-fronted Goose22West Canvey Marsh (RSPB)01/12/2020
Eider1Gunners Park01/12/2020
Razorbill3Gunners Park01/12/2020
Black-throated Diver2Gunners Park30/11/2020
Great Northern Diver1Gunners Park30/11/2020
Pink-footed Goose2Gunners Park30/11/2020
White-fronted Goose1Canvey Point30/11/2020
White-fronted Goose3Gunners Park30/11/2020
White-fronted Goose21Wallasea Island (RSPB)30/11/2020
Egyptian Goose2Southchurch Park West30/11/2020
Red-crested Pochard1Southchurch Park East30/11/2020
Scaup2Canvey Point30/11/2020
Scaup2Gunners Park30/11/2020
Long-tailed Duck1Gunners Park30/11/2020
Merlin1Wallasea Island (RSPB)30/11/2020
Great White Egret1Bowers Marsh (RSPB)29/11/2020
Egyptian Goose3Gunners Park29/11/2020
Egyptian Goose2Thorpe Bay29/11/2020
Puffin1Gunners Park29/11/2020
Ring-necked Parakeet2Westcliff29/11/2020
Kingfisher1Gunners Park29/11/2020
Pink-footed Goose1Paglesham Lagoon28/11/2020
Peregrine Falcon2Paglesham Lagoon28/11/2020
Peregrine Falcon1Wallasea Island (RSPB)28/11/2020
Firecrest1Coombe Wood28/11/2020

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  • 19/11/2020 Paul Baker has completed the summary of SOG birds for 2020 January to October. Read it here.
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