Southend Ornithological Group Records

SOG records for Rose-coloured Starling, at Rayleigh, from 09 June 2018 until 13 June 2018, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018  Mike Clarke 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 back for another look! Richard Howard 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 Showed well on rooftops and nearby trees by playground area Lee Ebbs 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018  Neil Chambers 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 on verge of Bardfield Way btw Kelvedon & Rettendon Closes at 05:55, then flew over Bardfield Way at 06:10, both times with 3 Starlings Neil Chambers 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 adult seen well at about 10:10 and the as a fly over at 13:30 Steve Arlow 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 Adult again showed well around the green between Tendring Avenue and Tillingham Way (had to go back for seconds) Steve Arlow 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 10/06/2018 adult flew west over the kids' playground between Tendring Avenue and Tillingham Way at 13:30 Paul Griggs, Richard Howard 
Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 11/06/2018 adult with about 40 Starlings on big playing field by Rayleigh Grange Community Centre before flying into the housing estate. On view for about 4 minutes. John Wright 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 11/06/2018 Seen twice briefly 05:40 in field by playground then 06:10 on roof at Gosfield Close  Vince Kinsler 
Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 12/06/2018 feeding with Starling flock in and around play area 0530-0555 then moved north into gardens nearby Vince Kinsler 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 12/06/2018 Showed well in large willow 17:50 - 18:10 preening & snoozing  Paul Baker 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 12/06/2018 Showed a couple of times in willow. Dudley Shayler 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 12/06/2018 In Willow until it flew out at 18:46. John Wright 
Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 13/06/2018 Showed well Graham Oakes 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 13/06/2018 still between Tillingham Way & play area Neil Chambers 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 13/06/2018 Adult. Seen in the hedgerow behind houses in Tillingham Way, 17:35 till 18:09 and 18:30 till 19:00 (still there when I left @ 19:00). Richard Howard 
*Rose-coloured Starling Rayleigh 13/06/2018 Adult male,two brief views over gardens 09.56,11.13.Showed well at times in willow 11.32-11.40  Jeff Kinnerman 
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